Tuesday, February 12, 2013

First Job.....

6:10 a.m ---> up and getting ready. So excited but yet so Tired. Never been up this early since. Well. Since...... Who knows when. As the clock strike 7:00 a.m; me and my sister started our little walk down the street to our new job at the Plant Farm. Good thing it was only a 15 min. walk. Otherwise on the way back ---> We would have ended up lying the on street sleeping from exhaustion. At our destination we enter into this big room filled with plants, machine, tractors, people, etc. Our supervisor was Dina. A really nice lady --> but let me tell you , she will put you to work. Non-stop. I guess that is what job is all about. Work, work, work.

We started out with Weeding; since Dina never knew she will be having 4 new workers today. the weeding took place in the greenhouse just outside the big building we walked in. I was so happy it was warm and not COLD. It would make it miserable. As I weed along the long rows I thought the plants was just getting weirder and weirder. I thought I was in the Tropical Forest. And As my head leaned closer into the big plant - it was as if I was playing hide-and-seek with the Leopard or something. About 2 and a half hrs of weeding, a supervisor took me out to a different room to do some transplanting. I got to work with a Mexican lady who doesn't know much English at all. Inside the new Green house We enter There was only me, my new friend, and 2 other mexican guy. They were all chattering in Spanish and looked to me and said---> You work here --- You learn Spanish. We teach you. Not basic, Spanish. I thought they were funny. But hey, I could say I understood some of the words that came out of there mouth. It seems like they were talking about me a-lot because they mentioned Muchacha quite often (Which means Teenage Girl). An hour pass again and my Supervisor Dina came and took me to another place. This greenhouse have the starter of all plants they plant. My job was to Transplant the baby Plant that just came in. then to doing other bigger transplant in the same room.

At the end of the day, My knee was killing me. Probably because I stood so long. My back ache a bit, but it is okay.Overall it isn't over. We still have our walk uphill to get back home. That is why I said It is good it only took 15. Prob 20 because of the hill. Now..... Only 6 more months to go. I hope it gets better and better. Not to mentioned me and my sister the only Asian out of so many Mexican and a few white people. We became the center of attention pretty much.

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